We take pride in the quality of our work like our customers take pride in their homes and businesses. We understand that our customers want to feel confident that they have hired responsive and trustworthy contractors to perform any service relating to their property.

We have professionals both in our office and on the field who are dedicated to providing you with responsive customer service. We are a licensed contractor with the State of Connecticut, License # 579594. We are also a Company that is Fully Insured, not only carrying General Commercial Liability Insurance Coverage but also carrying the Worker's Compensation Insurance Coverage that is required by Connecticut State Law. Therefore, should any damages or injuries occur on or to your property, you can rest assured that we have it covered. Click on this link to see the details about our 2 seperate Insurance Coverages and State Law Requirements.

When you contract us to install a new driveway or to perform a service on your existing driveway, we will take care of obtaining clearance from the utility companies, checking town or city ordinances, obtaining permits and complying with all that is required to do the job right.

We aim to provide a complete, professional paving service and will strive to always keep every one of our customers satisfied. We understand the value that every customer's satisfaction adds to our company. We know that each satisfied customer is a solid lead to another business opportunity. Therefore, feel confident that we will do our best to make your business experience with us a good one.