Mary serves Connecticut with ideas and initiatives that transform words into action and help hundreds of people. Mary Mushinsky was first elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives in 1980 on a platform of environmental activism, consumer advocacy and improved energy policies. Mary has held various leadership positions including co-chair of the legislature's Program Review and Investigations Committee and as co-chair of the legislature's Select Committee on Children for ten years. She is the recipient of numerous awards for adolescent pregnancy prevention and reduction of child poverty. She also served for six years as co-chair of the legislature's Environment Committee. A biologist by training, Mary has been the chief proponent in the Connecticut legislature of major environmental legislation enacted during the 1980s and 1990s, including mandatory recycling, packaging reduction, open-space preservation, global warming mitigation and endangered-species protection laws. Mary is a member of the Commission on Enhancing Agency Outcomes and the Results-Based Accountability Working Group to achieve greater efficiencies in taxpayer funded programs, as well as the Peak Oil Caucus to reduce the impact of high oil prices on residents and businesses.

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